Alaskan bladesmith David Mirabile specializes in high quality, artistic and functional working pieces.

Mirabile’s “edged art” has been featured in several national publications and is in the hands of collectors and sportsmen around the world. His distinctive pieces are not only collected but are actively used by professionals such as chefs and guides as well. They have been used on climbing expeditions from the Antarctic, to Alaska, to Japan.

Originally from Massachusetts, Mirabile is a welder by trade and moved to Alaska in 1995 to pursue his passion for the craft of knifemaking full time.

“My favorite handle material is without a doubt, ancient walrus ivory.”

Watch for unique local materials in his work, such as tool steel and wrought iron, that was actually produced at the Treadwell Foundry in the late 1800’s.

Mirabile hand forges his blades from high-carbon tool steels and cable and makes his own Damascus,(pattern welded steel). Also forging laminated Stainless/ W2 tool steel. stainless steel and features bronze, silver and titanium fittings in his knives. Many pieces are also featured in select galleries throughout Alaska!